Learn 3D Shapes - CUBE - Fun kindergarten lesson for kids

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------------- DESCRIPTION --------------------------------------------------------- Fun children's lesson on the 3D Shape the "Cube". What real world objects are cubes? Find out in this video! What "cubes" do you see around the house and in your day to day activities? ------------- SUPPORT US --------------------------------------------------------- The cost of making quality videos is high and we cannot be supported by ads alone. We have exciting plans, but we need your help. Please visit today and make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button on the left side panel beneath the "Archives" link. We truly appreciate your contribution. Thank you! ------------- THANK YOU --------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching. Comment, rate, subscribe, and share! ------------- LINKS --------------------------------------------------------- LINK: 3D Shapes Remix on Youtube Multiplier ------------- LICENSING --------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC LICENSE INFO ------------- TAGS --------------------------------------------------------- Educational video on 3D shapes Learn 3D Shapes - CUBE cubes cube education learning learn for kids toddlers preschool kindergarten 3d shapes Educational video on 3D shapes Learn 3D Shapes - CUBE MUSIC LICENSE INFO

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