SCHOOL BUS BULLYING ~ by Cynthia Johnson of WDAZ

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Facebook video goes viral after two siblings stand up to bullies at their school. QUOTED FROM WDAZ: "Support is pouring in for a family in Fosston, Minnesota after a Facebook video of two siblings standing up to bullies at school went viral. In the last 24 hours - the video has been shared 22,000 times online. School officials say they've been addressing the issue, but the kids who were bullied and their parents say nothing has been done, and their kids are terrified of school. Jon and Sarah Cymbaluk met with school officials Thursday after their video of daughter, 8-year-old Anna and 7-year-old Benjamin went viral. They say the meeting did not go well, and the first words officials allegedly said were quote ' what are you going to do to make us look good?' The Cymbaluk's actually live in Rice Lake Minnesota but open-enrolled Anna, who's in third grade and Ben, who's in first grade, in Fosston because they heard it was a good school. Sarah Cymbaluk said her daughter has been constantly bullied since December, mainly on the bus but sometimes on the playground and the bullying situation feels like "a slap in the face". The Cymbaluk's say they met with the superintendent, assistant principal and a school board member Thursday. They asked for a written apology and say officials said OK to that. School officials say they've met with the bus driver. Officials say some of the buses are equipped with surveillance video and cameras, which could help with the investigation. In the Facebook video the kids also talk about being bullied by students, verbally and physically. Sarah Cymbaluk said, "All kinds of things. The f word, names, lesbian, calling her a lesbian, it's gotten physical, she's come home with scratches and bruises." Fosston Superintendent Mark Nohner said, "Anna should feel safe. She should be able to be on the bus and transport back and forth safe that's our short term goal." School officials say because of Minnesota data privacy laws, they can't release information when dealing with students who are bullies. And sometimes it comes across as the school isn't addressing the issue. Superintendent Mark Nohner says they take bullying very seriously and they are addressing the situation. He says they are doing their best to help Anna. Anna will turn nine on Tuesday, and she's hoping to start a movement. She's encouraging everyone to wear orange, her favorite color and have a play on words, 'orange you glad you aren't a bully.' The Fosston school district does have a bullying policy." UNQUOTE

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