Cambridge Professor Academic Lecture Part 3 劍橋教授學術講座第三部分

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The lecture was held on 8 December 2014 in Queen’s College, HK, by the Director of Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK, Professor Mei Jian-jun. In the lecture, Professor Mei shows how Dr. Joseph Needham followed his curiosity to get to know China and its Civilization, and how he assertively made the case through his monumental series in “Science and Civilization in China”. 該講座於2014年12月8日在香港皇仁書院舉行,由英國劍橋李約瑟研究所所長梅建軍­教授主講。在講座中,梅建軍教授說明了李約瑟博士如何順應自己的好奇心,追尋認識中國­及它的文明,並在他的巨著《中國科學技術史》系列中加以揭示。

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