Street Vehicles - Cars and Trucks (Children Educational Video)

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Learn about 21 types of street vehicles you see every day in this fun video with great kids music. Like us on Facebook!!: Give your baby Einstein the educational edge over the competition! All the different types of street vehicles. Included are pictures of the following types of vehicles: Ambulance Bicycle Bus Car Fire Truck Garbage Truck Ice Cream Truck Limousine Mail Truck Motorcycle Pickup Truck Police Car School Bus Scooter Skateboard Sports Car SUV Taxi Tram Truck Van Subscribe!!: Channel Page: Google+: Nursery Rhyme Facts is an educational channel that provides great content for children. This video shows pictures of the most well known types of street vehicles around the world. Give your child (or should we say your "Baby Einstein", the edge over all his peers by letting him learn about all these wonderful vehicles. Watch Our Other Videos: Baa Baa Black Sheep Part 1 : Baa Baa Black Sheep Part 2 : Animal Sounds for Children / Babies / Toddlers - Einstein : Street Vehicles - Cars and Trucks (Children Educational Video): Kids Educational Video - Modern Day Logos & Icons (Learning Video for Children): Aircraft - Airplanes / Aeroplanes & Air Vehicles - Kids & Childrens Educational Video: Music ====== Credits For Pictures =============== All the pictures are in the public domain except for the following: Ambulance 1 - CC BY SA 3.0 - Pflatsch Ambulance 2 - CC BY SA 2.5 - Eyone Ambulance 3 - CC BY SA 2.5 - Ernstl Ambulance 4 - CC BY SA 3.0 - Roland zh Garbage Truck 2 - CC BY SA 3.0 - Lionel Allorge Garbage Truck 2 - CC BY SA 3.0 - O'Dea Garbage Truck 4 - CC BY SA 2.0 - Felix O Ice Cream Truck 4 - CC BY SA 2.0 - Tomás Fano Limousine 4 - CC BY SA 4.0 - dr. avishai teicher Mail Truck 1 - CC BY SA 3.0 - KRoock74 Van 1 - CC BY SA 3.0 - 天然ガス

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