Phil Schneider 🎤 Lecture Dulce ET Underground UFO Base Secret Grey Alien Agenda 👽 Nightmare Hall 6

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Alien, Greys, Underground, Nightmare Hall, Dulce, Base, Conspiracy, UFO, Agenda 5/29/16 C2CAM Coast to Coast AM Full Radio Shows! - be a Coast Insider!! Saturday Feb. 14, 2015 (February 14, 2014) 02/14/2015 Montauk Chronicles - Coast to Coast AM Time Travel Christopher Garetano, of the Montauk Chronicles, discusses the men who were brainwashed, secret experiments, kidnappings, murder, torture, government, time travel proof, mind control, and ET contact beneath Camp Hero AFB. Preston Nichols joins the conversation to discuss a time travel experiment, Phil Schneider, and Dulce! Montauk Chronicles official site: ✔ Monday Aug. 11, 2014 (August 11, 2014) 8/11/2014 Aliens & Underground Bases Whitley Strieber, who reviewed some of his past Alien encounters, and talked about the idea of underground bases on Earth, which he's explored in his latest novel, Alien Hunter: Underworld. Once we go below the crust of the planet past five or six miles, there's thousand of miles more, and we don't know or understand exactly what could be down there, he pointed out. There've long been rumors about a secret underground base at Dulce, NM, and that area has had a large number of cattle mutilations and strange lights seen on the mesas, Strieber noted, adding that the local Jicarilla tribe has a legend they were created inside the mesa. (excerpt taken from Coast to Coast AM) ✔ Phil Schneider ★ Dulce New Mexico Underground Base Secret UFO Alien Agenda ♦ Last Lecture YouTube Playlist ☕ Alien Underground Bases Phil Schneider was an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building deep UFO underground military bases for the United States secret government. A joint Alien/U.S. military underground Alien base exists. Alien Greys Underground He was one of only 3 folks to survive an incident that occurred in 1979 between grey aliens and U.S. military forces at the Dulce grey Alien base. More information here: ✔ Underground Alien Base Dulce Phil Schneider gave lectures regarding government conspiracy, cover-ups, black budgets, and Alien UFOs. He was found dead in his living accommodations on January 17 1996. A rubber tube hose wrapped 3 times around his neck and half-knotted in front. Before his death, Schneider did a lecture on Alien evidence and talked about the UFO Proof at Dulce. Also on Rense ✔ Dulce Conspiracy There were several attempts to kill his family for exposing proof and the reality regarding the U.S government's black budget & speaking overtly regarding the evidence of what is really happening with UFOs underground with the Alien agenda. Dulce New Mexico Nightmare Hall The battle took place there between aliens and humans in the late 70's or 80's. Genetic experiments were conducted in lower levels of the facility referred to as Nightmare Hall. The underground Dulce base has several subterranean levels and underground aliens from the Montauk Project. ✔ UFO Agenda Project Aquarius was a plan for investigation of Alien UFOs, carried out and funded by the CIA and commenced once Project Grudge and Project Blue Book were closed. Take a look: ✔ Dulce UFO In 1969, the Alien base was engineered northwest of Dulce in joint agreement between CIA and aliens from space. More info here: ✔ A collection of security camera tapes and technical documents were stolen from the base by a dissatisfied security officer revealing the Alien agenda. You can see it on YouTube: ✔ More info: ✔ ★ Post comments or questions, share, like and subscribe! ★ Best Science, Discovery and History Channel - my opinion ★ ✦ Best UFO Videos ★ ✦ Best Alternative News Phil Schneider YouTube

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