A Vision of K-12 Students Today - 2011

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When schools use the latest technology, their students thrive. Young people are drawn to technology. It's very possible that technology will help rescue our struggling schools; as they're having their budgets cut. This is a bad time for America to fall behind other countries in education. So, I made a video to help get a message out and appreciate other educators, like Francisco and Jayne that helped with the project. The first 'Vision Video' that I saw was done in about 2007. This new video has some updated statistics. Even still, it's surprising how technology in education is not being used to it's fullest advantage. Hopefully, in the very near future, more teachers will employ more collaborative web connections, help students become engaged in creating multimedia assignments and the schools will support their technology needs with up-to-date equipment. America is great, partly due to our foundation in education. Some say the U.S. is slipping. Statistics seem to show that we are. But, if we use more technology in education, those tools can be used to improve proficiency in critical areas like reading comprehension, science, critical thinking skills and mathematics. As for 'public' education, needed improvement won't come from politician decision making until we demand it.

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