Rewriting Korean History -- Royal Asiatic Society Korea Lecture

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For upcoming lectures, please visit Royal Asiatic Society Lecture: Rewriting Korean History by Professor In-ho Lee 2006.11.14, Filmed by In this 2006 lecture, which looks at Korean history from the late nineteenth century to the present, Dr. In-ho Lee discusses the attempts by leftist historians to re-write Korean history from their point of view, one in which the U.S. is to blame for Korea's post-liberation trials. She places much blame for this on the anti-communist education of the Park Chung-hee government and its refusal to intellectually engage with communism, which she argues made a generation of young people susceptible to romanticized views of North Korea and communism. Born and raised in Korea, Professor In-ho Lee received a B.A. in history from Wellesley, an A.M. in Soviet Union Regional Studies from Radcliffe, and a Ph.D. in history from Harvard. She taught history at Barnard, Columbia, and Rutgers before returning to Korea in 1972. She continued her teaching career at Korea University and then at Seoul National University, and laid the foundation for Russian and Soviet studies in Korea by launching the Korean Association for Russian Studies and founding the Russian Studies Institute at Seoul National University. Dr. Lee became Korea's first female ambassador when she was appointed to the post of Korean Ambassador to Finland in 1996. She served in this position for two years before taking on the key assignment of Korean Ambassador to Russia. Following her service in Russia in 2000, she became President of the Korea Foundation.

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