Stone Age (Paleolithic Age) - CBSE NCERT Social Science

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Stone Age (Paleolithic Age) - CBSE NCERT Social Science SuccessCDs Education ( ) is an online channel focused on providing education through Videos as per CBSE, ICSE and NCERT syllabi upto Class 12 (K-12) for English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit and other subjects. Also visit our Channel for Entrance Exams in India FAQs & Application Process, GK & Current Affairs, Communication Skills Our website ( ) is one of the leading portal on Entrance Exams and Admissions in India. About this Video: THE EARLIEST SOCIETIES -- STONE AGE PALAEOLITHIC AGEMESOLITHIC AGENEOLITHIC AGE PALAEOLITHIC AGE LOWER MIDDLE UPPER LIFE OF A PALAEOLITHIC MAN PALAEOLITHIC MAN lived in caves and Rock shelters. He was a Nomad who wandered from place to place in search of food. He did not know how to produce food. He survived by hunting Wild Animals and birds, fishing, and gathering Wild Plants, berries, nuts, roots and tubers. Hence he is called Hunter gatherer. He realized the advantage of living in groups. It enabled him to hunt large animals and to share food which was scarce and decayed easily. It also provided security. Groups were not very large. There were no inequalities nor were there any family ties within the group. Average Life span was only 20 to 25 years. TYPES OF SITES FACTORY SITES HABITATION -- CUM - FACTORY SITES PALAEOLITHIC TOOLS Usually made by Chipping Stones Usually made by Chipping Stones -- CORE TOOLS They were made by chipping off Pieces of chunks of rocks or hand-sized pebbles. The stone left after chipping is called CORE. Core Tools were usually OVAL or PEAR shaped. They were mostly used as hand axes. Usually made by Chipping Stones -- FLAKE TOOLS They were made from sharp pieces (flakes) that broke off while shaping core tools. They were useful for chopping meat and skinning animals. PALAEOLITHIC AGE IN THE DECCAN Follow us:

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