Jewish Interactive Product Video

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An overview of the products that Jewish Interactive has produced for Jewish children throughout the world. - Shabbat Interactive (PC-based interactive learning environment teaching the history of Shabbat as well as the hows of Shabbat every week) -Sukkah Challenge (Build your own 3-D sukkah and many other Sukkot activities) -iThankYou (teaching the prayer Modeh Ani and gratitude) -Mitzvah Hunt (looking for good deeds) -jiConnect (Kabbalat Shabbat around the world, Lecha Dodi) -JI Studio (A Jewish content-creation tool that includes rich graphic and full access to the texts of the Tanach, that children can import into their creations) -Whack-a-Haman (App designed and produced by 5th grade students under the mentorship of Jewish Interactive) For full details:

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