IIT Madras IAR - Leadership Lecture Series - Gautam Mahajan, (1968-BTME) part1 1 of 2

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Gautam Mahajan, (1968-BTME) has delivered a lecture on Technology and Creating Value Gautam Mahajan will recount his engineering innovation experiences, and his work on how the petaloid base you see on the bottom of the soft drink bottles became a reality. Going back to engineering basics helped Gautam make the bottle functional, and the rest is history. He also discusses the business aspects of new products with his own example of the introduction of the ½ liter PET bottle, and the lessons to be learnt. Gautam Mahajan is an internationally acclaimed expert in strategy, general management and globalisation. He is President of Inter-Link Services Pvt. Ltd. Gautam has started Customer Value Foundation to help companies with Customer Value and Value Creation. He is Founding Editor of the Value Creation Journal. He has proved quantitatively with the Tatas that Values create Value!

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