Performance Based Assessment : Inquiry Labs

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This video was made for our Bachelor of Education Class Management & Assessment class. Our topic was performance based assessment where we focused on inquiry labs to explain assessment FOR, AS and OF learning. We also discuss the strengths, challenges, ways to differentiate, grading methods and take-away resources for performance based assessment and inquiry labs. Created by: Robin McKee, Kelly Hollingshead, Timothy Irvine, Sulayman Mokhtarzada Where we found our pictures, music and videos: Pictures: Science pictures taken by Kelly Hollingshead Others found on the web below: , Hutchinson, N. L. (2010). Inclusion of Exceptional Learners in Canadian Schools: A Practical Handbook for Teachers, (Third Edition). Science Videos: Links for youtube videos - of the science labs. Video of ‘oil spill’ and lung experiment by Robin McKee Lemon video: Magic Glasses: James Clock Music from: Sigor Ross - Hoppipolla (dancing part) Anna Kendrick - Cups (can you give me an example?)- Bjork - It’s Oh So Quiet (but what about science?- ) Bob Marley - three little birds (assessment can be biased) Regina Spektor - On the Radio (I want to learn more) - Cold Play - The scientist (when the inquiry are shown)- ( Cheers Sounds - (Use an inquiry!) - Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugarplum fairy (who cares about dance) Jeapordy think mysic (rubrics) - Walking on wooden floor (science fair) - Sigor Ross - Instrumental (Dear diary…) Wake me up - Avicli (Instrumental) -(it allows students to perform the skill…) Happy Students - (This sounds too good to be true) Hedley - Anything - (This looks awesome) Take-away component & Resources Airasian, P. W., Engemann, J. F., & Gallagher, T. L. (2012). Classroom Assessment: Concepts and Applications (2nd Canadian Ed.). McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Alberta Assessment Consortium. (2015). Performance Assessment Development Template. Performance Assessments. Retrieved online from Burke, K. (2010). Balanced assessment: From formative to summative. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press. Frey, B.B., & Schmitt, V.L. (2007). Coming to terms with classroom assessment. Journal of Advanced Academics, 18, 402-423. (Authentic assessment and performance assessment: same concepts?) Galileo Educational Network. (2014). Inquiry and Assessment. Retrieved from Greenstein, L. (2010). What Teachers really need to know about Formative Assessment. Hawker Brownlow Education. Hibbard, K. M. et al. (1996). Teacher's Guide to Performance-Based Learning and Assessment. Retrieved online ¢.aspx Hutchinson, N. L. (2010). Inclusion of Exceptional Learners in Canadian Schools: A Practical Handbook for Teachers, (Third Edition). Schillereff, M. (2001). Using inquiry-based science to help gifted students become more self-directed.Primary Voices K - 6, 10(1), 28-32. Retrieved from

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