The Bear Went Over the Mountain by LoeschWare , educational mobile apps for little ones

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Ride along with our friend, Bernie Bear, as he visits a mixture of natural destinations such as the desert, a waterfall, the ocean, and of course, a mountain, all in the quest to see what he can see! Children will delight in choosing Bernie's destinations, actively participating in directional word visuals, and helping Bernie photograph the local wildlife. Each scene is full of interactive activities and adorable critters, and Bernie loves to snap photos. Children will see a mixture of cartoon and real photos of all the animals they encounter: eagles, owls, bats and bunnies, snakes and scorpions; all in their natural habitats. Lessons on good stewardship of the environment are recurring throughout each game, as children are encouraged to recycle and plant trees. Highlighted words to the classic "the Bear Went Over the Mountain" let children read or sing along. In addition to going OVER the mountain, Bernie Bear teaches other directional words such as ACROSS the Dessert, UNDER the ocean, UP the tree, IN the cave, even AROUND the moon! Kids will enjoy the charming adventure, and enjoy collecting photos, fish, moon rocks, crystals, and more. 16 SCENES WITH LEARNING ACTIVITIES FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT · Teaches directional words - this vocabulary enhances a child's ability to give and follow directions as well as to speak precisely. · One of the skills a child should master in kindergarten is the ability to describe the location of an object using positional or directional words · Practice singing along with the highlighted words · Aids in word recognition with spoken and written names of animals · Teaches geographical differences and the diversity of wildlife found within each. · Encourages a sense of stewardship in caring for our environment and natural habitats of wildlife creatures. · Familiar nursery songs, helps young children "read along" to their favorite tune · Builds phonemic awareness

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