SoT 220: Paleo That!

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SoT 220: Paleo That! Dr. Brad McKay tells us about his time as a host on a medical reality TV show . Most Australian doctors agree that nobody has contracted Lyme Disease from a tick in Australia, but many victims feel they have. Dr. McKay weighs in on the science behind Lyme Disease. The anus was a pretty important evolutionary step that meant animals no longer had to poop out their mouths. But recent videos of gelatinous sea creatures called comb jellies shed new light on the evolution of the so-called through-gut. A newly discovered Kuiper Belt Object adds more evidence to the "Planet Nine" theory of a distant ninth planet in our solar system. Amateur astronomers have captured video of a probable asteroid crashing into Jupiter . Japan's newly launched US$270 million x-ray space telescope appears to be out of control. However, some signals have been received giving officials hope that it may yet be saved. The discovery of a fossil skull in Kazakhstan suggest that the 'Siberian unicorn" - more of a rhinoceros, really - may have gone extinct only 29,000 years ago. Previous estimates were that it died out 350,000 years ago. Dr Brad McKay is a General Practitioner and TV Presenter. This episode may contain traces of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Chapters: Embarrassing Bodies Down Under The great Australian Lyme conspiracy Why watching comb jellies poop has stunned evolutionary biologists Scientists just found more evidence that Planet Nine exists in our Solar System Jupiter Just Got Nailed By Something Lost Japanese satellite Hitomi shows unexpected signs of life How The 'Last Siberian Unicorn' Stumped Scientists For Years

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