Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - A Space Voyage, PART 1

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THIS IS A VERY IMPRESSIVE MOVIE TO HAVE BEEN DONE BY AN 8 YEAR OLD. PLEASE WATCH IT AND SEE IF YOU DON'T AGREE. The shimmering dots in the night sky appear so peaceful, yet you'll discover that they are anything BUT tranquil when you come right down to them. This video is in 2 parts. BE SURE TO WATCH PART 2 OF "MARS, JUPITER & SATURN - A SPACE VOYAGE" FOR THE CONCLUSION. This was narrated by Michael O'Ban, age 8, when he was in the second grade. nasa voyager space voyage viking spacecraft spaceship rocket lunar moon landing astronaut apollo blastoff cosmos heavens stars universe earth orbit rotation rotate sleepytime sleepy time truman state university kirksville notre dame fordham chicago sky cape canaveral kennedy center planets solar system astronomy science sun solar bill white edina missouri edina mo

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