Glimpses into Existence Lecture 4: Overcoming Nihilism After The Death of God - Friedrich Nietzsche

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This is the fourth of twelve monthly lectures in a series on Existentialist Philosophy and Literature hosted by the historic Kingston Library. In this lecture, we discuss the life, works, and key themes of the great German classicist and philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. We'll be covering these authors in the following months: May - Ranier Maria Rilke June - Lev Shestov July - Franz Kafka August - Martin Heidegger September - Jean-Paul Sartre October - Simone de Beauvoir November - Albert Camus December - Gabriel Marcel Gregory B. Sadler is the president and co-founder of ReasonIO. The content of this video is provided here as part of ReasonIO's mission of putting philosophy into practice -- making complex philosophical texts and thinkers accessible for students and lifelong learners. If you'd like to make a contribution to help fund Dr. Sadler's ongoing educational projects, you can click here:

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