The Standard Model | Lecture 2

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The second in a series of 15 lectures on the standard model of particle physics, given by Paul Langacker of Princeton at the 2013-2014 PSI. This lecture contains an introduction to the standard model, as well as quantum electrodynamics. If you're having trouble seeing the board at any point in the lectures, you can check out this pdf with snapshots of the board -- one shot for each change that occurs: These are NOT my videos! All rights, credit, etc. go to the Perimeter Institute, which can be found at the website linked to below) would be a nice addition. All the videos come from, and can be downloaded from in various formats and from previous years, the Perimeter Institute (where these lectures took place) website: Before attacking these topics, it would be wise have first have familiarity with quantum field theory. Excellent lectures on these topics given by David Tong (of Cambridge) and Francois David at the Perimeter Institute in 2009 and 2011, respectively, can be seen here: ­ture=plcp For more resources on the material presented here itself, you can check out the wonderful lectures by Leonard Susskind at Stanford: Langacker also has a book on the standard model that can be found here: Also be sure to check out his website for the book, which has corrections, lecture notes, homework problems, exams, etc: Moreover, if you can't buy the above book, or don't have access to a library, you can check out the (much shorter) notes for his TASI2008 lectures: Lastly, you can also check out these texts:

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