“Color Spaces” Lecture

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The lecture I gave for my solo show "Color Spaces" at MASS Gallery in Austin, TX, November 21, 2009. The three-color system is used as an analogy for the systematization of knowledge in general - systematic knowledge leads to new technologies that create new possibilities but also new opportunities for power and domination. The pre-scientific understanding of phenomena is lost forever once knowledge of them is systematized, and this loss of mystery constitutes an impoverishment of our experience. Three-color images' ability accurately to represent reality is taken for granted but is not unproblematic; the same can be said of our brains' particular way of organizing sensory input into a coherent perception. As more of our understanding of the world is systematized, things that fall outside these systems are ignored, discounted, and forgotten. The subversive, revolutionary agent that overturns any system must work within the system on its own terms.
Thanks to my brother Jack for shooting this, and thanks to everyone who attended.

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