Terence Tao: The Cosmic Distance Ladder, UCLA

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AMS Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics: Terence Tao is UCLA's Collins Professor of Mathematics, and the first UCLA professor to win the prestigious Fields Medal. Less than a month after winning the Fields Medal, Tao was named a MacArthur Fellow. The following month, Tao was named one of "The Brilliant 10" scientists by Popular Science magazine, which called him "Math's Great Uniter" and said that "to Tao, the traditional boundaries between different mathematical fields don't seem to exist." Tao's AMS Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics is titled "The Cosmic Distance Ladder." The American Mathematical Society (AMS) sponsors a series of public lectures in mathematics entitled The AMS Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics. The lectures began in 2005, to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of Einstein's annus mirabilis. They are given annually at one of the Society's eight sectional meetings. The year 1905 marked the publication by Albert Einstein in Germany of three fundamental papers that changed the course of twentieth-century physics. Einstein later moved to the United States, where he became a founding member of the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Sponsored by the American Mathematical Society Hosted by the UCLA Department of Mathematics, The Philip C. Curtis Jr. Center for Mathematics and Teaching and the UCLA Division of Physical Sciences. Additional support provided by the UCLA Chancellor's Office.

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