HONEST Trailer - Lord of the Flies (1990) (SCHOOL PROJECT)

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Stuck between a rock and a hard face. Voiced by Nicholas Elmo Livingstone: http://www.youtube.com/user/freezydrag Everything else by me. Background music: Future World Music - The Courage Within (Armen Hambar - 2013) "Zero Hour" () Here's literally every detail that they got wrong (via Wikipedia): Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 12. If you'd like to see the full movie: Look, I get it's not good. It was a school project between two sophomores with little to no knowledge of filmmaking or critiquing, we're obviously not going to have the awesome narration, hilarious scriptwriting, advanced editing, and credibility whatsoever. Stop pissing on something that isn't supposed to be better or equal to Screen Junkies' quality. I updated the title so nobody would think I was trying to be Screen Junkies. My teacher wanted their class to make an Honest Trailer spin-off, take it up with her, alright? This was the best one in the class, and we received extra credit for how well we did, I hate it, I know, you do, too. I get anxiety attacks when I have to show videos in class, so I leave the room or sit in the back and sweat profusely and shake violently. I did virtually everything, too, Nick just voiced it. So stop comparing it to Screen Junkies' quality, because one 15 year-old kid should NOT be able to match the quality of a team of writers, editors, narration, and producers; that's why they're popular and I'm not. Leave me alone.

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