Dr. Jay Wortman: 2013 Low-Carb Cruise Lecture

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This video features Dr. Jay Wortman from "Dr. Jay's Blog" (drjaywortman.com) giving a talk on the research he has done using traditional low-carb, high-fat diets with the First Nations people group in Canada.

The 6th Annual Low-Carb Cruise (lowcarbcruiseinfo.com) took place in May 2013. These are the lectures from some of the top names in the world of low-carb diets, Paleo and real food living. Here's a list of the featured guest speakers you'll see in these videos:

- Dave Asprey from "Bulletproof Executive"
- Cassie Bjork from "Dietitian Cassie"
- Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt from "The Diet Doctor"
- Dr. Jay Wortman
- Dr. Dwight Lundell
- Jackie Eberstein
- Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton from "Calton Nutrition"
- Jimmy Moore from "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb"
- Diane Sanfilippo from "Balanced Bites"
- Jonathan Bailor from "The Smarter Science Of Slim" (his lecture not included, but he is in the Q&A)

ENJOY these videos with a special two-part BONUS Q&A session and join The 7th Annual Low-Carb Cruise leaving Port Canaveral, FL in May 2014. Find out the full details here: lowcarbcruiseinfo.com

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