Tiffany A Mushet #034054 tries to deny it, then gets caught

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Tiffany A Mushet, #034054 now with a camera on her gets called out for her abuse of power. She, first, tries to deny that she said she was going to write me "a citation for being rude", and then, finally, admits to it. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows a dog (or other service animal) to be off-leash if it is under the command of the dog's custodian by voice commands, hand signals, electronic, or other means, and by being on leash would restrict the ability for the service animal to perform his or her duties, or if the person's disability makes the use of a leash infeasible. Too often, narcissists in positions of authority, abuse their authority, and take offense when you don't immediately bow down to it. Simply disagreeing, or standing up for your rights, while in full compliance with the law, should not be considered "rude", nor "having an attitude", nor should either of those things subject you to $3,000 in fines and THREE YEARS in jail. It's psychos like this, that we don't need on our taxpayer payrolls. Tiffany Mushet thinks the taxpayer should bear the expense of a prosecution and trial, waste 12 jurors' and 2 alternates' time in jury duty, and possibly pay for three years of incarceration because she thinks I was "being rude".

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