MEDEA Awards 2012: Showreel Winners and Finalists

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The MEDEA Awards 2012 Showreel features short extracts from the work of the winners and finalists of the MEDEA Awards 2012. - Winner of the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Educational Media 2012: 'And the Oscar goes to ...' by Petros Michailidis of 5th Primary school of Alexandroupolis in Greece and Christelle Vouillot from Ecole Primaire de Rolampont in France (winner of the). In this e-Twinning project students use video storytelling to learn to express themselves in other ways beside the traditional written and oral communication. - Winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media 2012: 'Quand la colère fait tomber les masques' by Université Paris 1 in France. This 35-minute film shows a gripping story of a social conflict between an employee and the management, making an interesting case study that is much more effective and involving than it ever could be on paper. - Winner of the Special Prize for European Collaboration in the creation of Educational Media 2012: 'Historiana - Your Portal to the Past' by EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators in The Netherlands (Winner the). This portal for students from age 14 and their educators (including trainee teachers) is a complementary educational resource for history, heritage and citizenship education in Europe and beyond. - Winner of the Special Prize for Educational Media Encouraging Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 (set up to coincide with the European Year of Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations): 'All that Jazz' by Fundación Universidad Carlos III, Spain. This is the media part of a lifelong learning course which uses multiple media: video, audio, face to face classes, presentations, DVD, as well as a class blog. - Winner of the special MEDEA Jury 2012 Prize: 'Flying Start' by University of Leeds, UK. These resources introduce a range of academic skills throughout the 4-week period between the students receiving 'A' levels and starting at university. - Winner of the Special MEDEA 2012 Audience Favourite Prize: 'Schoolovision' by schools all over Europe. This e-Twinning project is a primary schools' version of the Eurovision Song Contest. The other finalists who took part in the MEDEA Awards 2012 were: 'Il Girotondo del Tempo' by Hyperfilm srl in Italy -- for their videos and animations explaining the concept of time to children; 'Moving Image Techniques' by Christina dePian, Greece -- for her website and videos introducing the different moving image methods teachers can use in class; and 'SignMedia' by the University of Wolverhampton, UK -- for their online learning resource using sign language to teach vocational written English to deaf media professionals. 15 other entries were recognised as Highly Commended, see our online media gallery This year the competition attracted 213 entries from 32 countries. The closing date for receipt of entries for MEDEA 2013 is 30 September 2013.

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