Lecture: Egyptian Lover (New York, 2013)

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808s, heartbreak and Prince stories with the man called Egyptian Lover at the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy in New York.

Egyptian Lover is a legend in certain circles but a mystery to most, an artist who was in deep with most of the west coast hip hop scene before the gangsta sound came along. Born Greg Broussard, Egyptian Lover was a rapper, DJ, and producer who was hugely influenced by the New York electro scene, as well as by the electro-funk of Zapp. Although he began associating with Uncle Jamm’s Army and Radio Crew, it was as a solo artist that he made his impact. “Egypt Egypt” (1984) was an LA anthem and his On the Nile was one of the first hip hop albums released on the left coast.

To see Egyptian Lover break down his classic tune "Egypt Egypt," click here: bit.ly/WaG2PH

For more lectures from the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy in New York, visit redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures

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