Altered States Directed by R James Healy. Part of a Performance Lecture by Marcus du Sautoy Featuring Music by James Holden.

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In December 2012 One Of Us invited me to create and perform live visuals with James Holden and band as part of a performance lecture by Marcus du Sautoy. The event was held in March 2013 at the Barbican Centre, London during the Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain season. This video is a ‘regular’ edit of the piece accompanied by an audio recording from the event.

*The lecture explored notions of consciousness with the live musical performance providing an opportunity to reflect upon the evening’s topics and an investigation of the penultimate topic, collective consciousness and altered states as experienced through art. It was the visual aspect of this section that One Of Us invited me to be involved with. The duration of the piece was dictated by the music, approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. As this was to be a live performance it was agreed that the visuals would by necessity involve a live element. Otherwise, the project had all the advantages and hurdles of an open brief.

*From my blog. Please follow the link to read the full ‘making-of’ article including concept images and storyboards:

The Barbican Centre has a micro site where you can view this and other content from the performance:

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