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Release date : 2012 Running time : 90 Minutes Genre : Drama Studio : Kinekuma Pictures The lessons one man learns about love in his lifetime Description 8 stories about Peter, a gay man living in Jakarta from the age of 10 to 40 and his experiences with love that help to shape the man he is today. Starring: as Peter: Endy Arfian as Peter age 10 Ardy Rinaldy as Peter age 15 Bunaya Yulius as Peter age 18 Elbert Powa as Peter age 24 Tuhdil Haqiqi as Peter age 28 Daud Sumolang as Peter age 32 Joko Anwar as Peter age 36 Ade Firza Paloh as Peter age 40 Also Starring: Fachry Shyine Yohanes S Rendy Wise Nazyra C Noer Bobby Asmoro Rainer Oktovianus Hudy Prayoga Sunny Soon Jeffrey Sirie Khiva Iskak Cavin Tondeo Directed by Paul Agusta Written By Paul Agusta Screenplay by Paul Agusta Produced by Kyo Hayanto, John Badalu, Tommy Wisnu Pratomo Executive Producers Gerald Herman Vera Lasut Christian Razukas Ellin P. Lukman Q-Munit

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