Educational Traveling Tips: Using Phones Internationally

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Part Two: This second vlog of traveling educational tips covers using the phone with cellular services internationally. This vlog covers the idea of how a traveler can obtain phone/cellular services in other countries with a smartphone. It would also describe how it is possible and achieved. This is part of the Chronicles of The Deaf Wanderer with educational tips being offered. Do you feel afraid about taking the first step to travel beyond the distant horizons? Do you ever feel lost and helpless when you’re trying to make decisions for your travelings? Do you wish that your friends would help you much more with sharing their experiences and ideas but many of them don’t know how? Do you feel like you want to hear new tips as an experienced traveler just in case you could learn something new? Do you feel excited to see similar tips, that you have thought of, being shared to the other new travelers and can participate with the discussion to make the tips better suited for those new travelers? These are the questions that Chris Haulmark is trying to answer with these videos. This vlog and the future vlogs will be hardcoded with subtitles for everyone who is not fluent in sign language. If you enjoyed this vlog, please share this video to those who are interested in traveling videos and being encouraged to travel. Thank you for watching. And subscribe to this YouTube channel and stay tuned for more upcoming videos if you want to see more in the future. PREFER TO SEE MY FACEBOOK PAGE? Come and check the travelings at and LIKE the page if you want to be notified of the future new posts! See where Chris is: Chris Haulmark has been a world traveler since March, 2015 and have already seen at least 25 countries to the date of this vlog. He has created video clips since the beginning and is just emerging as a new social media force to expose the perspective, that he sees through his Deaf eyes, to the public. He hopes to inspire the future Deaf travelers to see the wonderful and exciting world outside of their home countries. He also hopes to prove that a Deaf traveler can be as independent as any other travelers. His videos are to show everyone how it's possible. All content, being posted here, are created and owned by Chris Haulmark unless otherwise stated in the content or the attached description. Visit The Deaf Wanderer Facebook page to see much more older and archived videos and other content.

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