Then and Now: Female idols in school uniforms before and after debut

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High school uniforms are seen a lot in South Korea as they're still implemented in most schools! It's not unusual to see idols also donning the attire whether it's for a CF or promotional concept. Check out how these idols compare in their actual school uniforms from the past and their stylish ones in the present! 1. ChoA 2. Eunji 3. Hara 4. Hyeri 5. Hyorin 6. IU 7. Jaekyung 8. Lee Hyori 9. Nana 10. Seohyun 11. Seolhyun 12. Suzy 13. Yerin 14. YoonA 15. HyunA ------------------------------------ THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: ------------------------------------------------- Maybe you like these videos : TOP 7 Best High school Korean Dramas you must watch right now: TOP 11 Korean Dramas we can't wait to watch in 2016 : Top 10 Cutest Children of Korean Celebrities: What is Song Joong Ki like behind the scenes of ''Descendant of the Sun''? ( Part 1) : 11 Song Joong Ki facts ( Descendants of the sun) every fangirl needs to know : Descendants Of The Sun-Behind The Scenes-Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo- Have you seen this yet ? : Top 8 K-Drama Actresses Who Will Make Beautiful Brides : Top 10 Best Korean Drama Couples (Part 1) : Top Korean Drama kiss scenes - Top sweet moments Korea Dramas 2015 ( part 1) : 5 Facts you didn't know about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo ( Descendants of the sun): KIM SOO HYUN in kiss and romantic scenes| The best sweet moments of Kim Soo Hyun of Korean Dramas : ....

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