Mario Carpo - Bartlett International Lecture Series 2012/13

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Digital Darwinism: Form and Indeterminacy in Contemporary Digital Design Theory

Digital tools inevitably entail some form of devolution of agency, and indeterminacy has long been a staple of digital design, as well as of post-modern thinking. Recent technical, cultural and political developments however add a new spin, a new emphasis, and a new urgency to more traditional theories on the power that some systems have to adapt, self-organize, and have their way against all odds and often, against design itself.

Mario Carpo teaches architectural history and theory at the Yale School of Architecture and at the École d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette. His most recent books are The Alphabet and the Algorithm, a history of digital design theory (2011), and The Digital Turn in Architecture, 1992-2012, an AD Reader.

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