Emil Kozak at WLGD 2012

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A full lenght lecture by Emil Kozak recorded at We Love Graphic Design 2012 in Copenhagen - a celebration of the wonderful world of graphic design in the shape of a one day seminar featuring lectures from some of the most important, inspirational and insanely creative graphic designers right now.

Danish born, Barcelona-based and extremely talented Emil Kozak was inspired to take on graphic design as a result of his life long passion for skateboarding. He began at an early age to develop his skills, inspired by skateboard-art and album covers. Growing up in Denmark, the long tradition of scandinavian functional minimalism is inevitable and the result today is a unique artist with brilliant ideas running a studio, a clothing/surfing brand and exhibiting in art galleries all over the world.

Kozak's style is fresh and positive, but often includes a message that digs deeper. He is a master of composition and has an eye for detail that is not seen very often. Typographic, clean lines and few colors is often how Emil Kozak's artwork is described. Yet, there is always an unexpected surprise in the shape of obscure references, wordplays, codes and hints.

For more info visit welovegraphicdesign.dk and emilkozak.com

Presented by HK Grafisk Kommunikation, Visuelt Forum (DJ) and LYNfabrikken.

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