Jonathan Hill - Bartlett International Lecture Series 2012/12

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A video recording of the lecture given by Professor Jonathan Hill entitled, 'Weather Architecture', as part of the Bartlett International Lecture Series on 25 October 2012.

The book 'Weather Architecture' further extends Jonathan Hill’s investigation of authorship by recognising the creativity of the weather. At a time when environmental awareness is of increasing relevance, the overriding aim is to understand a history of architecture as a history of weather and thus to consider the weather as an architectural author that affects design, construction and use in a creative dialogue with other authors such as the architect and user.

An architect and architectural historian, Jonathan Hill is Professor of Architecture and Visual Theory and Director of the MPhil/PhD Architectural Design programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Jonathan is the author of The Illegal Architect (1998), Actions of Architecture (2003), Immaterial Architecture (2006) and Weather Architecture (2012), editor of Occupying Architecture (1998) and Architecture—the Subject is Matter (2001)), and co-editor of Critical Architecture (2007).

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