Christmas Reunion (21.12.2012) Day 509

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So today was the first the day of the 12 hour shifts at work, and let me tell you, they aren't half hard. I thought they would be a lot easier then they actually were. But they weren't really all that bad, the only problem being that when I had gotten in after work all I wanted to do was to fall the hell to sleep in a nice warm bed. However today, because that's sod's law, was the day that all of my friends from my old school decided to have the school reunion. Right in the middle of two 12 hour shifts. Yayyyy! So here is me really really wanting to go to bed, and then boom. Go out. I originally said that I couldn't not go, but then I really didn't want to, but then lovely said "You can't leave me on my own" to which I caved. Not fair. But it was actually really good fun, lovely was around pre-drinking at someone's house for a while before hand so she was a little bit drunk which was actually really humorous actually. She wasn't like too drunk, only a little bit. At first it was a little bit annoying but then I got over it when I realized how smiley she was, and how cute her smile is :) So otherwise a lot of people went out with us tonight which did obviously mean that something would fail. We went to the first bar and spent about 10 minutes in there, then left went to somewhere that was closed and then went to the worst bar in town because we knew it would be relatively quiet. But we had fun, I don't like lovely being in that kind of environment but we stuck together and just chatted all night really just us two (obviously with a little bit of talking and mingling with old friends but otherwise) and it was really really nice! Then it was time to go home (finally might I add) on the first night bus, and then walk back home after making sure lovely got home safe. So I walked home in the freezing cold with lovely's really really warm scarf to keep me warm! That's about all, so thanks for watching and/or reading the description! I'll catch you later! Main channel: Gaming Channel: Catch me on twitter: My Blog: Tumblr: Add me on Google+:

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