Award Winning Film at Students National Short Film - A Blind Story - a short film HD*

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A Blue Apple Motion Picture in association with Photografix.. Starring : Gaurav Lavate Directed and Edited by : Aakash Dhote Cinematography : Aakash Dhote, Om Pathre, Mayuresh Hendre Director of Photography : Aakash Dhote Special Thanks : 'IES ORION School' & 'I for an Eye'. We See Soo Many Things In this World, A Few of which make us want to Shut our Eyes and Look Away. Yet there are those among us, who will Never have the Opportunity to see the World, through Our Beautiful Lens, This Goes out to Them. I Know you're probably Thanking God its Friday, but take 5 minutes of your Time and watch this Film and Spread the Message.

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