Prof. Leon Lack Public Lecture on Sleep Psychology

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Prof. Leon Lack, inventor of the Re-Timer and renowned sleep psychologist, lectures on the study of sleep and sleep psychology. The result of 25 years of university research, the Re-Timer helps users, including frequent travelers, shift workers, and sufferers of sleeplessness and the winter blues, re-time their body clocks in order to reduce jet lag and sleep better. Free international delivery: Sunlight is the cue our bodies use to regulate our sleeping and waking pattern. When light is received by photoreceptors in our eyes, a signal is sent to our brain telling us to be awake and alert. Often, however, we do not receive the daily bright light we need to maintain a well-timed body clock and natural energy levels. The Re-Timer is a portable light device that mimics the benefits of sunlight. Unlike the sun, however, the Re-Timer is 100% UV-free and able to be used on an overcast day or during long winters when the sun is not visible. This evidenced-based, patented technology has been developed through 25 years of university research by leading sleep psychologists. Use the Re-Timer to reduce jet lag by retiming your body clock in small steps before you travel, increase energy during the long winter months, overcome sleeplessness by retiming your body clock to your preferred sleep schedule, and manage fatigue if you are a shift worker. Re-Timer Facebook: Re-Timer YouTube: How Re-Timer Can Help Sleeplessness: How Re-Timer Can Help Reduce Jet Lag: Sleep Psychologist & Re-Timer Inventor Dr. Leon Lack Explains how Re-Timer Works:

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