HPS100 Lecture 10: Contemporary Worldview

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What are the key characteristics of the Contemporary science? 00:30 Some elements of the Contemporary mosaic Materialism vs. Dualism vs. Idealism vs. Neutral Monism ____ Neuroscience ____ Matter and Mind ____ Mind without Matter? Matter without Mind? ____ Monism vs. Dualism vs. Pluralism Mechanicism vs. Dynamism vs. Wave-Particle Duality ____ Classical Mechanics ____ Wave Theory of Light ____ Quantum Mechanics Dualistic Determinism vs. Strict Determinism vs. Indeterminism vs. Probabilistic Determinism ____ Newtonian Physics ____ Quantum Physics ____ Probabilistic Determinism in Contemporary Science ____ For Views on Causation Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism ____ Exile of Theology Summary You can access the slideshow here Enroll in HPS100 Introductory History and Philosophy of Science at My name is Hakob Barseghyan. I teach history and philosophy of science at the IHPST, University of Toronto. It is my goal to help my students appreciate how fascinating both the history and philosophy of science are. HPS100 is my introductory course on history and philosophy of science; it is offered online in both Fall and Winter terms. The course is funded by University of Toronto, Online Learning Strategies () and the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology () Watch in HD 1080 for the best quality.

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