BA Lecture 08.05.2012: Zanki / Wirthmüller

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studio showing and short lecture


We associate the upright walk with the human body. When the axis of the
body is tilted in a 90 degree angle and the head together with the torso
and the bottom shifts into the horizontal, another body appears: That of
the animal, the crawling child, the beggar...

Differently form their last dance performance, in which the upright body
was the prerequisite, this time Zanki and Wirthmüller get on their hands
and knees and explore the possibilities of 'four-footed-ness'. Hereby
they touch not only the ubiquitous images and movements, that this
position evokes, but reflect upon how they cohere, interweave and alter
their own humanness. Thus the performers take us for a walk into the
landscapes of the familiar, the illicit, the unknown and intricate.

Concept, choreography, text, performance: Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller

A production of Zanki / Wirthmüller in co-production with LOFFT.Leipzig
and Banana Gerila Zagreb. With the kind support of: Goethe Institut
Kroatien, City Council Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of
Croatia, Unfriendly Takeover.

Realised through EkS-scena working platform in cooperation with
CeKaO-Zagreb & HIPP-TSP.

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