Hiroaki KOIDE Lecture in NYC

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MENA Communications Presents
"Hiroaki KOIDE Lecture in NYC"

SD, 2 hours 3 min, in Japanese, no English Subtitles

May 3rd (Thu) 2012, 7PM~10PM
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Hiroaki Koide, Nuclear Reactor Specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. After realizing in 1970 that nuclear power was extremely dangerous, Mr. Koide dedicated over 40 years of his career to educate the nuclear industry and the general public to stop nuclear reactors in Japan. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, he gained “rock star” status due to his tireless efforts in providing detailed analysis and honest suggestions to the Japanese community about the extent of the disaster. He will speak about the extremely dangerous conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, including the concerns regarding the damaged Unit 4 irradiated fuel pool.

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