Paranormal Videos: Creepy School Ghost Kid Real? (DE Ep. 38)

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Paranormal Video! Is the ghost girl at haunted school real? We investigate scary true life stories of spirits at creepy abandoned school. This World War Two fort in South Texas (turned school) was the scene of many deaths. Tuberculosis patients were brought to the fort where many simply died. The bodies were burnt in a crematorium at the fort. After the war, the fort was converted to a school. During hurricanes locals would use the school as shelter. Staff reports a girl died during a hurricane and that her spirit haunts this place. The school has now been abandoned for eight years. I go in with a camera and local freelance investigator Jay Villarreal to capture paranormal activity on video. Are there real haunted places and is this one of them? Will paranormal activities be captured in this investigation? Watch and find out! For the video at the Fort's Haunted Crematorium, click here: DEAD EXPLORER: Real paranormal videos of ghosts, spirits, and demons caught on tape! Unexplained activity, scary experiences, & true evidence from the most haunted places! New episodes Mondays - Subscribe Now! MORE DEAD EXPLORER: Subscribe! Official Dead Explorer: Real Paranormal Videos Playlist: Facebook! Twitter! Google+ Blog

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