March 12, 2015 - Sayville UFSD Board of Ed (expand to show more)

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(Click "Show More" for related information) Highlights of this meeting: The Board continues to hide from public view (public) agenda items they vote on, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital project spending, appointments, other spending, policy changes, and so on.. Note the empty items on the agenda: (edit: The items have now been filled in with information - POST meeting). These agenda items are also NOT recited at Board meetings, when the public has a need to know what this public body/Sayville PS BOE is voting on: See video timestamp for voting on hidden, public items. Not only is the Board the exception by hiding such info, they are also violating their own policy: by not releasing the information prior to the meetings. Discussion consisted of: New policy of politely accepting parental refusals of student state assessment exams. A letter will be sent to parents of students in grades 3-8 with information informing them of their right to refuse. See timestamps and for discussion. Dr. Schartner proposed restoring assistant sport coaching and elementary school curriculum council at roughly $130,000. Timestamp Budget review and what to do if additional state funds are received once budget is formed. Spend it or apply it to lower tax rate? Watch video to hear individual Board member comments. Timestamp Recess report - too cold outside for young students? Perhaps a parent survey. Three board seats up for election: John Verdone, Keith Kolar, Carl Cangelosi Petitions to run for Board are available in the District Clerk's Office, 99 Greeley Avenue, Sayville, NY Petitions are due in the Clerk's office by 5 p.m. on April 20th . Public Participation at Board Meeting: The power to set time limits, as needed, exists in current Board policy - See future meetings/Board voting (should they make it public prior to voting, for any changes in that policy). Items the board voted on: *You don't have to sign up with DropBox. Simply cancel out of sign up and choose 'Download', best viewed on computers and iPad, not small mobile devices. Watch the video for additional discussion and public comment. District agenda and minutes (when available) can be located here:

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