Me Singing Elastic Heart(Sia) - School Talent Show

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my teacher made the karaoke to it. I sang along infront of parents and students I dont own the song. woo. fun I'm tired. ☆*:;;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;­:*☆*:;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;☆ Ask me Questions: Follow me on instagram: @xmonsterxskittlezx Google+: Sarah Skittlez (I'm on this a lot. ) Email me: 3ds Fc:4038-7203-4151 Ign: Sarah ☆*:;;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;;­:*☆*:;;;;;:*☆*:;;;;☆

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