Lecture 1: What is Philosophy | The Basic Principles of Objectivism | Nathaniel Branden

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Classic audio program by Ayn Rand's close associate Nathaniel Branden (1930 - 2014) Lecture 1. The Role of Philosophy. What is philosophy?--The historical role of reason--The bankruptcy of today's culture--Objectivism--Objectivism vs. subjectivism. (Text below based on original marketing materials accompanying record albums of the lectures.) ABOUT "THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF OBJECTIVISM" (a 20-lecture program) For ten years--from 1958 to 1968-- Branden's lectures on "Basic Principles of Objectivism" were given at Nathaniel Branden Institute in New York City and, via tape transcription, to groups in over eighty cities throughout the United States and abroad. More than 35,000 students attended these lectures. "Basic Principles of Objectivism" is a detailed, systematic exposition of the philosophy defined by Ayn Rand and introduced in her novels, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. The lectures are devoted to a presentation of Miss Rand's philosophy--and to Mr. Branden's application of objectivism to his own field, psychology. Special emphasis is given to the concepts of human nature, mental health and personal development. In 1968, Mr. Branden closed NBI to devote his full time to the further development of his psychological system: Biocentric Psychology. He then moved to Los Angeles where, in addition to teaching and research activities, he engaged in the practice of personal and vocational counseling. With the exception of Lecture Six, which is given by Barbara Branden (lecturer, writer and formerly Administrative Director of NBI), all of these lectures are delivered by Nathaniel Branden. Some have been revised and re-recorded, but the course is the same as the lectures originally presented by NBI.

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