INDIAN POLITY - Features of Indian Constitution 1 - Part 4

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Please watch lecture on Features of Indian Constitution - This Committee consists of 30 members who are elected by the LokSabha every year from among st its members. A Minister is not eligible for election to this Committee. The term of the Committee is one year. The main function of the Committee on Estimates is to report what economies, improvements in organisation, efficiency, or administrative reform, consistent with the policy underlying the estimates may be effected and to suggest alternative policies in order to bring about efficiency and economy in administration. From time to time the Committee selects such of the estimates pertaining to a Ministry or a group of Ministries or the statutory and other Government bodies as may seem fit to the Committee. The Committee also examines matters of special interest which may arise or come to light in the course of its work or which are specifically referred to it by the House or the Speaker.. Society for Telangana Network (SoFTNET) - a satellite-based communications network under IT E&C Department of Government of Telangana - runs two channels by name Mana TV. The channels are being utilized for Distance Education, Human Resource Development and e-Governance among others. SoFTNET prepared this collection of videos so as to benefit the candidates appearing for different competitive exams.

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