Stefan Sagmeister lecture at WLGD 2011

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In this lecture held at We Love Graphic Design 2011 in Copenhagen, graphic design guru Stefan Sagmeister sets out from the fact, that Danes according to international surveys is one of the happiest peoples in the World. Sagmeister himself is working on a documentary about happiness, and at WLGD he zoomed in on the parameters of what makes humans happy, spiced with his own experiences, practices and opinions on the subject. He also attempts an answers his own question: “ Can you pursue happiness as a designer?”.

The We Love Graphic Design seminar about contemporary graphic design was held in Copenhagen on october 1. 2011, arranged by HK Grafisk Kommunikation, Visuelt Forum (DJ) and LYNfabrikken. The speakers on this inspirational saturday were All the Way to Paris,, Paul Wilson of Yellow1 and Stefan Sagmeister.

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