lecture at WLGD 2011

Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam is a Spanish/German design studio based in Barcelona. In this lecture graphic designers Lupi Assensio and Martin Lorenz describe their work creating visual identities utilizing materials and ideas in creative ways. They show how they often let their designs work, change and develop. They also tell the story about their non-profit fanzine series “One Weekend”, which started as a creative exercise of challenging themselves by not useing computers and other experimental parameters, and eventually have lead to an exihibition as well as a book.

The We Love Graphic Design seminar about contemporary graphic design was held in Copenhagen on october 1. 2011, arranged by HK Grafisk Kommunikation, Visuelt Forum (DJ) and LYNfabrikken. The speakers on this inspirational saturday were All the Way to Paris,, Paul Wilson of Yellow1 and Stefan Sagmeister.

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