Yoko Ono: The Stanford Lecture 2009 - Part 3/4: Five Films and Chair Piece.

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Part 3/4: Five Films and Chair Piece.

Freedom (1971)
Cut Piece (1965)
Cut Piece (2003)
Chair Piece
It's Time For Action (2000)
Outro (2000)

Yoko Ono's lecture at Stanford University on 14 Jan 2009.

Exclusively on Vimeo courtesy of Yoko Ono, Stanford University & IMAGINEPEACE.com

Lectures & Films ©2009 Yoko Ono
Video Footage ©2009 Stanford University
All Rights Reserved.

Parts 1/4 & 4/4 are already available on Vimeo
Part 2/4 is the documentary 'Yoko Ono: Passages For Light' also available on Vimeo.

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