Lecture: Black Moon (RBMA World Tour 2011)

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'Enta Da Stage', the debut effort from the Bushwick trio of Buckshot Shorty, 5 Ft. Assassin and DJ Evil Dee, announced itself as part of Brooklyn’s notorious stick-up kid tradition in overt ways – scowling grills on the album cover, belligerent lyrics, fractured phonetic song title spellings, and the punctuations of mammoth shouted choruses (the musical equivalent of getting rolled on in a desolate stretch of Franklin Ave. asphalt). In Crooklyn classics like 'Buck Em Down' and 'I Got Cha Opin', heavily filtered bass-lines dominate the bottom of the mix while piercing snares and passing glimpses of high-end melody patrol up top. It’s a brutal but beautiful sonic package – one that remarkably set da stage for a Boot Camp Clik empire that still thrives today via Duck Down Records. They get the props.

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