Lecture: Wu-Tang Clan (RBMA World Tour 2011)

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Arriving in the midst of what a young Shawn Carter once characterized as "too much West Coast dick-licking," Wu-Tang's '36 Chambers' was the Eastside story many had hoped for: proof that New York rap artists could still commercially compete with their chronic-puffing counterparts from the land of the locs. A nine-man crew of hungrier-than-thou rhyme renegades and cast-offs. Jarringly grimy production informed by old school Times Square kung fu flicks. And a genius masterplan that no boyband designer could've ever come up with. The foundation was laid for a hip hop subgenre/industry unto itself. A new world. A Wu world. Or to quote the Chef Raekwon: "The Wu got somethin’ that I know that everybody wanna hear. ’Cause I know I been waiting to hear it." Hear them in conversation with journalist/author, Alvin 'Aqua Boogie' Blanco.

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