Preparing for the NSS Language Arts Electives

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Don't hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or additional phrases Preparing for the NSS Language Arts Electives NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College SKH St Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College ,Popular Culture Poems and Songs Short Stories Drama Language Arts Elective Modules Learning English through…… ,Poems and Songs Knowledge Different types of poems (eg haiku, acrostic, shape poem, sonnet) Poetic features (eg rhyme, rhythm, simile, metaphor, alliteration) Skills Appreciating, responding, Creating, performing Popular Culture Knowledge Pop culture text types (movies, advertisements, comic strips) Features of those text types (language, style, format , target audience, use of images) Skills Responding, creating Presentation skills Cultural knowledge Generic skills Drama Knowledge Features of a drama script or screenplay Drama vocabulary (audience, stage, costumes) Skills Acting skills:- showing feeling with voice, gesture, movement Team interaction Writing a script or screenplay Fiction / Short Stories Knowledge Story elements (eg plot, characters) Major features (openings, closings, dialogue, creating mood) Skills Analysing and appreciating stories Storytelling Writing stories or completing a given beginning or outline Character analysis Values and attitudes ,What are the challenges of the NSS language arts electives? Teachers lack of expertise or confidence lack of experience in choosing texts management of time and other resources lack of skills and experience little exposure to authentic imaginative texts How to start? How to integrate language arts texts? How to assess students? Only an “expert” can teach language arts! I never studied Literature in college! Students Language arts texts are too difficult for my students! They can’t write a sentence - how can they write a poem? Curriculum Do we need Literature lessons in S1-3? We can’t spare the time! How do I set the exam? ,Integrating language arts into the S1-3 curriculum How is your school preparing for the challenges? Curriculum How to start? How to integrate language arts texts? How to assess students? Students lack of skills and experience lack of exposure to these texts NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College ,Lui Kwok Pat Fong College School background CMI school Students are creative and talented but….. their achievement in English doesn’t match that in other subjects, so….. enriching the English environment is a high priority for the school ,How is your school preparing for the challenges? Curriculum How to start? How to integrate language arts texts? How to assess students? ,How did you start planning the curriculum? Choices Reasons Starting from S1 catches students when they are more open-minded One unit at each level from S1 to S3 was chosen for integrating language arts texts and activities More manageable, and making use of textbook materials Language items from the textbook were combined with language arts texts and skills Some of these units are integrated with the extra-curricular programme Maximise impact of teachers’ efforts. More relevant for students ,How were the text types integrated across levels? ,How did you make connections with the informal curriculum? Extra curricular programme S2 unit is also the project for this level Project work Classroom teaching S1 unit is within the classroom S3 unit is a project and leads to an inter-class competition for English Week ,S1 Unit on Christmas How did you plan each unit? Cultural knowledge ,Students also complete a story map with chapter summaries S1 “A Christmas Carol” Activities focus on story elements and describing characters. ,rhyming poem acrostic shape poem S1 Poems and Songs Students learn about different poetic forms ,S2 Unit on Superheroes Cultural knowledge Generic skills ,Spiderman making judgements about characters personal response Students view some clips and make comments about the characters. They review vocabulary for superpowers ,Students learn the features of comic strips………. ,…..and tradin

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