Bear and Apple

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Welcome to the Animal Zone, animal videos for children. Imagine visiting a zoo or going on a wild safari. Our videos feature baby animals as well as grown animals, all designed for kids, toddlers and preschoolers, but adults love them too. Watch animals playing, eating, and just being themselves, all set to fun, upbeat music. Interesting, entertaining and educational videos for children of all ages. In this episode we see how a bear gets creative and finds a way to get an apple out of the water. Search for us using some of these terms, baby animals, zoo babies, animals, watch animals,elephants, tigers, lions, bears, pandas, gorillas, monkeys, hippo, giraffe,ostrich, kangaroo, wolf, fox, Meerkat Babies. Also try terms in other languages, बच्चे जानवरों,Tierbabys,animaux bébé,아기 동물,детеныши животных,動物の赤ちゃん,animais do bebê,animales bebés,बच्चों के लिए पशु वीडियो,Tier Videos für Kinder,vidéos animaux pour les enfants,어린이를위한 동물 동영상,животных видео для детей,子供のための動物の動画,vídeos de animais para crianças,vídeos de animales para niños,हाथी,Elefant,éléphant,코끼리,слон,象,elefante. Links Watch our other Videos: Meercat Babies Emu Elephant Dump Trucks for Children - Construction Zone 19 - Digger and Dump truck Trucks for kids - Construction Zone 18 - Diggers / Excavators Trucks for kids - Construction Zone 17 - Digger and Dump Truck

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