Bondi Planets - An adventure for parents and children

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Bondinnet Ltd presents Bondi Planets: The future in parent-child communication Bondi Planets is a new cross-generational social networking space that is transforming the family-bonding experience. Bondi Planets is a virtual space that enables kids (ages 7-12) and parents to embark on fun, compelling adventures and play collaboratively, mastering challenges to obtain joint rewards. Together, they solve problems, learn trivia and share mutual experiences in an inviting setting for the child. Through simple emoticons, Bondi Planets encourages sharing thoughts and feelings, and inspires natural dialog—even when parents and kids are apart or online at different times. Developed by experts in psychology, parenting, communications and education, Bondi Planets sets the stage for deeper, more meaningful relationships, promoting more quality off-line face-to-face time.

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