How to Teach Children to Read Phonetically Tutorial!

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This is a video to on how to show children how to read phonetically. 1) Teach only letter sounds in the beginning, then introduce letter names with the alphabet song once the child has learned letter sounds. 2) Teach two letter blends- Short Vowels/Consonants 3) Have the child read two and three letter words: 4) Have the child read decodable books: Bob's Books: ( or local library) 5) Sight Words: Introduce five at a time Dolch Sight Word List 6) Alpha Phonics Primer- Amazon Affiliate link: **Right to Read Foundation Reading Primer- To teach children and adults to read: For more educational videos, Please hit Subscribe button!! See updated video of her reading at 5 years old at a third grade level: See how teach my children to write: Share this video with others! Love- Jady A.

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